Welcome to the Elenkiwich family blog. We will post updates here on what's going on in our part of the world, and especially with our son, Miles, who we welcomed on April 2, 2010. Our hope is that this blog will help us stay connected with family and friends even when life is crazy!

Meet Miles Eric Elenkwich

Meet Miles Eric Elenkwich

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, the E family is finally back together again at our new place in Jamestown ND! It has been a long month of living in two separate states. Miles was so excited to see his daddy last night and they had a grand old time running all over the empty house together. The moving truck won't be bringing our stuff until Saturday but we have a busy week ahead of cleaning, painting and getting the house ready (yuck). Today, Miles and I plan to get my ND drivers license and then spend some time at the nearest park. Miles has a new trike so I will try to post a few pictures of him later!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Henry Doorly Zoo

Eric had a spur of the moment idea to visit the zoo (in Omaha!) before he went back to Jamestown. It was a great idea and we spent a really enjoyable, relaxed day as a family. We saw pretty much every exhibit, rode the sky lift, and the carousel! Here are some pictures from our day :)

Miles loooves the zoo!

Monkey boys :)

Playing with the Pygmy kid

All tired out...

Going on a safari with Daddy

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kirby Science Discovery Center

Yesterday Eric and I took the little man to the Washington Pavilion to check out the Discovery Center...it was a blast! I think Eric enjoyed it as much as Miles (maybe more!) We also checked out a film in the dome about volcanos but Miles was only interested until his popcorn ran out :)

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Back by popular demand

As most of those who check this blog know, our family will soon be packing up and moving to Jamestown ND. My goal is to start posting here more often to keep everyone up to date. Last weekend we had Ryan and Staci's wedding and Miles got to be the ring bearer :) He did really well and the wedding was a blast. It was so good to see family and for some it was their first time meeting our little man. These are repeat pictures from Facebook but I promise to put up some new ones soon!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...the baby is a TODDLER!

Well, Miles is officially a toddler! He took a few careful steps toward me yesterday and today he decided to be adventurous and climb all over the furniture. This afternoon he climbed up on his rocking chair in order to knock photo frames and candles of the dresser in the living room! He is getting hard to keep track of but we are having so much fun watching him learn to do new things. He can now use a fork and spoon (when he feels like it) and drink from a big-boy cup (if mom watches to make sure he doesn't "share" with the dogs). This morning we had breakfast at the grocery store before we went shopping and Miles was a hit with all of the grandma's and grandpa's there, he was smiling and showing off the whole time. Here are some pictures of our crazy little peanut!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles!

Last weekend was Miles' first birthday, I cannot believe that our little boy is a year old! We had a pirate-themed party at the Ramada in Sioux Falls so that Miles could swim and he really seemed to have a blast. He had lots of fun swimming with his aunts and uncles and when it was time for the cake smash, he dove right in! It was such a special time for Eric and I to be able to spend the day with our loved ones, celebrating our little peanut. Here are a few pictures from Miles' special day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ross and Shawna come home!

Wow! I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted...I've been uploading more pictures on Facebook and this blog sometimes gets forgotten (sorry for those of you without Facebook). This past weekend, Ross and Shawna came home from school in MN and Miles and Eric got to spend a couple days with them while I worked. They also went to cousin Elliot's bowling tourney but I didn't get to see any pictures from those. We are just busily gearing up for Miles' first birthday party. Everyone should have gotten their invitations by now, but if you haven't please let me know and I will send it out ASAP!

Miles also had his first trip to the ER a couple of nights ago. He had developed a strange cough and being the paranoid RN mommy that I am, came to the worst possible conclusion and so in to the ER we went. Turned out to be nothing but Miles had fun flirting with the nurses and ladies in the waiting room and mom got some much-needed reassurance.

Tuckered out after a long day playing!
Miles has a new scrunchy-smile face...we love it!

Miles also mastered the stairs this weekend...look out world!